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Paolo Virdis Releases new song ‘Survive’

Paolo Virdis , a producer,composer musician based in Turin releases brand new single “Survive,” his newest electronic single set to mesmerize listeners from the press of play. The production is filled with elements that will take anyone on a musical journey. The infectious synths with the hard-hitting kick will have listeners wanting more from this talented artist. Through “Survive,” Paolo Virdis showcases his talent and versatility as a producer. This release will uplift any crowd, no matter the setting.

I had the chance to sit down and devote my full attention to listening to Survive. Although I was certain that I was in for a delightful experience considering the gravity of  Paolo Virdis’s reputation in electronic music, I had no idea how spellbound I would become by this record’s multilayered, divine drive and unrivaled creativity.

I isolated myself from everything going on in my day to day life and pressed play, and instantly the magic of Paolo Virdis’s skills behind the soundboard reached out and grabbed me by the throat I found myself being transported to a deserted land, where nothing exists except desperation and the never ending search for glory. Littering my path were enormous strings and synthesized mountains, both of which I would soon find myself trapped in for an indeterminate amount of time.

We grind and gallop our way through the surrounding bleakness and venture into the daze of self-awareness, realizing at once what we must do to reach a climactic oasis. Wheeler churns us in a vortex of minor key whirlwinds that sweep us away and refuse to break our tension, even when it feels like we’re on the very edge of sanity. It isn’t until the title track comes to a screeching confrontation between the drums and the melody that we are at last freed from our prison of sonic suffocation, and the release is comprised of pure ecstasy, to put it mildly.

Listen here;

“Survive” delivers a fusion of acid, house, techno, and electro that will have electronic aficionados hooked. The anthemic production of “Survive” will put listeners in a state of trance as the perfectly crafted drums and 303 lead will guide you with groove. With constant energy flowing, “Survive” is a certified dancefloor tool that will infuse energy into any crowd. Make sure to check out this brand new release, and add it to your playlists!

Paolo Virdis is a producer, composer musician based in Turin, It always loved electro music with a dark and mysterious atmosphere. His music is influenced by bands like Nine Inch Nails, Drexciya, Kraftwerk, and reminiscences of Detroit techno and post-punk/new wave. His music externalizes the most intimate and not verbally confessable feelings.


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