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Rory D’Lasnow collaborates with Phil Robinson for new single “Happy”

It’s been a long time since Pharrell William’s famous single that I heard the word Happy and music in the same sentence. This point is more crucial in 2020 were the only thing to be happy about was whether you were addicted enough to complete the Netflix series ‘Dynasty’ in 3 days. Well, it seems like there is enough light in the tunnel to turn our sadness back to happiness as many creatives are choosing to keep this part alive.

I’ve been listening to a lot of really good music this year, but  Rory D’Lanslow’s latest single “Happy” is definitely in a class of its own. He managed to tap in Phil Robinson, a popular NY-based Singer-Songwriter well-known for performing fun-filled shows along the East Coast, and for lending his unique harmonica chops to other artists both on stage and on record to add the many ingredients needed to make this song a classic.

Every time that we think we’ve heard the best of his brilliance in action like the chest-beating  Phil turns around and finds a way to top himself, which isn’t something that can be said for the vast majority of artists he’s competing with for the spotlight at the moment.

The duo has shown with their latest offering “Happy” that they are ace at making unselfish, easy-going records with an independent-minded lyrical center, and if you’ve never heard their music before now, I would say that this single is a good way of getting acquainted with the unique sound on offer by both artists. It’s certainly one of the more complete efforts I’ve heard recently, and a strong contender for the top spot on my personal Spotify playlist.

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