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Singer/Songwriter Ralph George takes us all to the Dancefloor with new single

Introducing Ralph George is a singer-songwriter who takes daring chances to share the story of “life”.In possession of the feel, the voice and most definitely the looks for a huge commercial career, Ralph chooses a more under-the-radar career to dwell in a safe environment to solely express himself, to collaborate with other artists of choice, experiment in sound and direction, and to develop his work. His new single “Dancefloor” certainly shows this talent… “DanceFloor” is completely written and composed by myself. It has everything to do with COVID19. I started a conversation with the virus and came to the conclusion that the virus cannot get me down. dance, enjoy and know that the sun will shine again. we all can’t wait to dance again. I hope this song can give a positive spin to the times we live in” said Ralph. He is right, I absolutely love the emotional depth created by the harmony between Ralph’s vocal and the guitar parts in the track, and whether you’ve been following his career thus far or are just now getting into his music for the very first time, I think it’s clear that there isn’t anything forced in his execution here.

“Dancefloor” is an amazing composition in every way that actually counts for something – in rhythm, rhyme and tone, there’s an easygoingness to this song that you don’t hear every day on the FM dial, and that alone makes it quite the pop gem indeed.

This master mix, which is the same whether analyzing the music video or the song on its own, is supremely detailed from top to bottom, but it doesn’t feel overwhelming in the least. I can definitely see where both casual pop fans and more serious audiophiles would enjoy the vivid textural expressiveness of the instrumental components here, and though the video is a very fetching watch, I’m confident that the bulk of audiences who take a peek at Ralph George’s work will be far more intrigued by his compositional skillset than they are anything comprising his cosmetic appeal (which, to be fair, is admittedly vast all by itself).

*a conversation with COVID-19*
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