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The Jorgensens releases new single “Voo Doo” from the album “The Lexington Stretch”

The journey of Brianna and Kurt, and evolution of their creative collaboration, has yielded an album that defines both of them through the vehicle of The Jorgensens. There is an honest authenticity of the repertoire they’ve created which is both timeless and classic. Their performances are genuine, soulful and relatable for many who will hear these songs. This kismet did not emerge overnight, but is the product of years of being in one another’s creative lives, collaboration, friendship, and inevitably falling in love.

The Jorgensens leads an onslaught of textured brutality in “Voo Doo” that goes against the grain of everything modern rock has established itself to be, and if you were hoping for a bit of old school carnage to spice up your playlist this spring, it makes a near-perfect addition by all measurements.

The lead vocal in this track is at times guttural and as beefy as the bassline is, but personally, I think it complements the tonality of the guitar parts here better than any single element ever could have.

Though a bit more industrial in style than I would normally go for, “Voo Doo” is the heady dose of heavy thunder that a lot of us needed most this August, and if it’s any indication as to what we should expect to be hearing out of the #theJorgensens camp in the near future, I think the 2020s .

Listen to Voo Doo by clicking here

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