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Mark Newman releases New LP “Empirical Truth”

The singer/songwriter, Mark Newman is no stranger to the world of music. The music veteran who has spent the better part of five decades playing with an eclectic mix of noted musical talents including other soul, blues, and rock greats of our time including Jim McCarty (The Yardbirds), Willy DeVille (Mink DeVille), Sam The Sham, Bobby Whitlock (Derek and the Dominos) and Sam Moore (Sam & Dave). As part of some of these bands, Mark has shared the stage with stars from John Oates and Sting, to Elvis Costello and Travis Tritt. 

Mark’s past releases include  2010’s “Walls of Jericho” filled with intricate guitar work and mixed with a plethora of sounds from hard rock to a much more lighter vibe and 2015’s “Brussels”   was also one for the books. The recent LP Empirical Truth, sees Mark go back to his original roots especially with songs such as Mississippi Mile and Seven Days which really expose Mark’s talent as a prolific songwriter and vocalist.

Audiences can quickly recognize and relate to an artist who can sing a story from experience….every line of lyric connects with the listener. Mark Newman is one of those rare breeds of artists, one who can pin the sincerity meter into the red every time she steps up to a microphone. A recognized veteran of the  music scene, and listening to ‘Life Without me’ , Mark breathes believability, passion, and a heartfelt sense of understanding into everything he sings.

In for the long run, Mark has been wooing, serenading, moving, and winning over fans around the globe since he was a teenager thanks not only to a dynamic and soulful vocal delivery that emerged at a very young age, but an undeniable drive to pursue all possibilities with his God given gift.

One of my favourite tracks on the album  Empirical Truth  is  “Scapegoat”,  which kicks off with a fantastic flow of  bluesy guitars leading to a  down right dirty melody full of pumping energy to get any audience shouting for more. You can’t simply escape the base as the  bassline and perfect drum play provide the rhythm that further energises the whole song. When the organ solo kicks in, you’ve got that perfect meal. Like a chef in the kitchen, Mark has honed the craft of getting all the right ingredients in place to make the perfect recipe and ‘Scapegoat’ and the album certainly speak volumes.

Empirical Truth Track Listing:

  1. Scapegoat
  2. Life Without You
  3. Mississippi Mile
  4. When I Aim My Gun
  5. Seven Days
  6. One More Song About A Highway
  7. Sharin’ The Blues
  8. Pipeline
  9. Are You Lonely For Me
  10. Everything You Know
  11. Roll Um Easy
  12. Lycanthropy

Click here  to listen to Empirical Truth on Spotify 


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